Mr & Mrs Salmon

"We like the location. Near to the Airport, near to the beach. Good restaurants. Good weather. Lots of Friends."

Prof. Dr. Cesare De Rubertis & Dr. Augusto Curti

"We came for the first time in 1979 for hunting! We met nice people and became good friends. It is a beautiful city with lovely historic sites. We also like the rural villages of Larnaka."

Mrs Ingrid & Mr Gerhard Kern

"We return to Larnaka for the beautiful nice beaches and sea and the nice people."

Mr Franz & Mrs Cecile Gaiswinkler

"We return to Larnaka for the friendliness of the hotel staff - we feel like home."

Mr Walter & Mrs Christine Veit

"We are in love with Larnaka, the weather and sea."

Mr Otto & Mrs Helga Raab

"We return to Larnaka for the sun and the sea."

Katharina Wiezig

"Larnaka is paradise, feels like home, love our hotel staff and the sea."

Mrs Gabriel & Mr Carl Holzinger

"We return to Larnaka because of the sea, the beach and the nice, friendly people."

Mr. Josef Nitsch

"I feel great when in Larnaka. I now have more friends here than in my own country!"

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