Larnaka's Loyal Friends

Mr Peter James Boucher

"I like everything about Larnaka. The sunshine, the beaches, the friendly people, the hotel staff. I have made friends here over the years."

Mr Mark Raymond Green

"I like Larnaka town, the sandy beach and the location."

Mrs Najanda Macleod

"I enjoy the sun, the sea, nice people. I feel welcome here and I get a warm feeling. Staff go out of their way to please guests."

Mr Seneka Yaddehige

"I travel frequently around the world but it is the first time I have stayed in a destination for such a long time, thanks to the friendly residents and culture of Larnaka."

Mr & Mrs Froyland

"We always return to Larnaka for the good people, nice weather and the very nice seafront."

Mrs Kelly & Mr Neville

"The reason for visiting Larnaka is because the people are so friendly and that is just one of the reasons. There are many more, too many to mention."

Mr & Mrs Brough

"We originally visited for a holiday. We loved the people and the island so much but Larnaka is a real working town, not just a tourist spot. It has so much to offer to everyone."

Ms Warman

"I have family in Cyprus and Larnaka is the centre point of where they all live so it is easy to visit."

Mr & Mrs Stockselius

"Larnaka is a beautiful town with friendly people and nice atmosphere. It is exactly how a city should be, not very touristic but with all the comforts, nice shops and local restaurants."

Mr & Mrs Holloran

"We came to Larnaka for business first, then brought family for vacation. We love the friendly people and couldn't stop coming back."

Mr & Mrs Barnes

"We love Larnaka for its location. It is clean and tidy, lots to see here and lovely beach. People in Larnaka are very friendly towards us."

Mr & Mrs Muller

"We always return to Larnaka for the climate and the people."

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