Larnaka's Loyal Friends

Mrs Marjorie & Mr Jim Diamond

"We have been all over the island - Larnaka is the best and most beautiful, with friendly people."

Mrs Doreen & Mr Maurice Clark

"We return to Larnaka because the people are so good to us and today they make us Larnaka's Loyal Friends and this is a special moment. Thank you Larnaka!"

Mrs Maureen & Mr John Ward

"We came first in July 1983 and fell in love with Larnaka. We have returned 2 or 3 times per year since then. Now I bring my Granddaughter."

Mrs Margreth & Mr Bo Asp

"Larnaka is a lovely place, beautiful weather, lovely people (especially Alexandra and Par Hedlund, our good friends!). Larnaka is a small living town offering much to people who enjoy life."

Mr & Mrs Evans

"We enjoy the promenade. We prefer Larnaka generally to the other main towns."

Mr & Mrs West

"We love Larnaka for its nice atmosphere and friendly people."

Mr & Mrs Galanis

"We return to Larnaka for the relaxing, nice climate and sea, and the warm hospitality."

Mr & Mrs Andersson

"We love Larnaka because it is a nice town."

Mr & Mrs Larsson

"We return to Larnaka because of the weather! The best climate in the Mediterranean. Larnaka town is alive"

Mr & Mrs Gronwall

"Larnaka is a wonderful place with nice weather, food and environment. We love everything in Larnaka."

Mrs Marianne Taylor

"I return to Larnaka because it is warm, sunny - lots of history around, nice people. Easy to get a bus to other place."

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