Project Description

QUEST – Promoting Quality internships in Sustainable Tourism & Heritage Management is an innovative Erasmus+ project aimed at increasing Higher Education (HE) students employability in the tourism sector, one of the most fast paced sectors in terms of innovation and most affected by Covid-19 emergency.

QUEST is carried out by a partnership of 8 organisations – 3 HE universities, 4 organisations working in the fields of tourism and/or cultural heritage, 1 Cultural Route of the Council of Europe – and led by Libertas International University (Zagreb, Croatia).

It is a 3 years project, starting in December 2021 and ending by November 2024.

Project Results

1 - A flexible Learning Programme, innovative and skill-based for HE students that face the tourism sector labour market 

2 - An e-learning platform for HE student, HE trainers and internships tutors that supports them all along the learning programme and work experience 

3 - A policy and cooperation methodology and agreement to be signed between HEIs and tourism organisation in the Mediterranean area

4 - A comprehensive manual summarising QUEST methodology, learning programme, activities and results to support further exploitation.


Complementary Activities

1 Staff training activity: a specific training event dedicated to HE trainers and internship tutors to support students all along the learning programme and internship.

Pilot activity: blended mobility in Croatia, Italy, Spain and Cyprus for a total of 30 HE students selected by the 3 participating universities.

Project’s Partners

1.    Libertas International University (Croatia) – LEAD BENEFICIARY

2.    The Phoenicians’ Routes with headquarters in Italy

3.    Solin Tourist Board, Croatia

4.    Timesis Srl, Italy

5.    University of Malaga, Spain

6.    Arte&Cia Gestión Cultural y Ocio, Spain

7.    University of Nicosia, Cyprus

8.    Larnaka Tourism Board, Cyprus

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