Zeno of Kition Statue

Zeno of Kition (Citium) was a great philosopher born in Larnaka (ancient Kition) in 334BC. He founded the Stoic school of Philosophy and was the first to divide philosophy into logic, physics, and ethics. Zeno taught that "the purpose of human existence is the virtuous life, which is the life in accordance with nature".

Larnaka honoured Zeno with three statues in Larnaka; one in Europe Square, a second at the Larnaka Historic Archives Museum, and a third opposite the Municipal Gardens. The statues are part of the Larnaka Storytelling Statues project whereby you can scan the QR code on the monument with a connected smart device to receive a call-back from the statue, which will recount its unique story.

Listen to the Zeno of Kition narration here.

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